British school girl rescued from abuse

School girl rescued from public report

Our analyst successfully identified a British schoolgirl who was then safeguarded after she had been targeted and groomed by offenders.

We received an anonymous report from the public. It led us to a video of a girl we estimated to be 11 to 13 years old. We could see from evidence in the video that she was in the UK and the girl had been coerced and manipulated over a live stream by an abuser who appeared to be telling her what to do.

We tracked the video to an online forum where we found other offenders discussing the recording. The conversations included how they wanted to trace the girl so that they could have her ‘perform’ the sexual acts live for them.

We gathered enough information to help us identify the girl and we passed it to our partners at the National Crime Agency.

We arranged for the criminal material to be quickly removed from the internet, and the police and social services safeguarded the child and are supporting her and her family.

Amy's abuse


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