2020 Trends & data

This year's data

Here’s the latest data on what we’re doing globally to tackle child sexual abuse images and videos online. Please use our statistics to help inform your work.

In 2020, we assessed a webpage every two minutes. Every three minutes, that webpage showed a child being sexually abused.

People report to us at iwf.org.uk, or through one of the 43 Reporting Portals around the world, in multiple languages. All reports are assessed at our headquarters in the UK. We also actively search the internet for child sexual abuse imagery.

Total number of reports

299,619 reports were assessed by IWF: 299,531 were reports of webpages and 88 were reports of newsgroups.

153,383 reports were confirmed as containing child sexual abuse imagery or UK-hosted non-photographic child sexual abuse imagery. This is a 16% increase from 2019.