Non-photographic imagery list

What is our NPI List?

Our Non-Photographic Image (NPI) URL List is comparable to our standard URL List but features webpages (URLs) showing images and videos of non-photographic child sexual abuse. These could include cartoons, drawings, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other non-photographic representations of child sexual abuse.

The URLs provided in the IWF NPI List are those deemed at the time of assessment by our analysts to breach UK legislation.

Whilst non-photographic child sexual abuse imagery is criminal only within the UK, some of our Members chose to use this list voluntarily to ensure that this material does not appear on their platforms and services.

  • In 2020, 289 unique URLs of non-photographic child sexual abuse imagery were included on the list. 12 IWF Members subscribe to this service.

New content is added to list daily and our analysts manually assess every webpage on the list.