Keywords list

What is the issue?

Offenders often create their own language – codes – for finding and hiding child sexual abuse images online.

What can we do about this?

To help counter this, each month we give our Members a list of keywords that are used by people looking for child sexual abuse images online. This is to improve the quality of search returns, reduce the abuse of their networks and provide a safer online experience for internet users.

  • In December 2020 the Keywords List held 5,247 words associated with child sexual abuse images and videos.

Following a Nominet-funded research project we have been able to increase our Keywords List significantly from 453 unique words and phrases in 2019, to 5,247 in 2020.

This diverse and dynamic list is now available to our Members meaning that more access attempts to illegal content can be disrupted, more Members’ users and customers can be protected from stumbling across illegal content, and ultimately more children can be protected from further revictimisation.