Ukraine reporting portal

The Ukraine Reporting Portal launched in February and was developed in partnership with #stop_sexting educational project and the Children's Rescue, an NGO based in Ukraine.

It’s one of our most actively-used portals thanks to our partner’s efforts in driving national awareness of the issue, and their educational project #stop_sexting, a successful campaign to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and child safety online. Recently, the project received the “Peace” nomination in the Partnership For Sustainability Award (GC Network Ukraine).

The role of law enforcement

Ukraine is the 10th highest country for hosting the child sexual abuse imagery we seek to take down; in 2019 it was the 11th. Through our partners, we were introduced to the Cyber Police in Ukraine.

Additionally, Children's Rescue created a small cyber team to monitor inappropriate content searched for proactively and ensure that providers who have been asked to take down child sexual abuse material by IWF do so.

It had a great impact: content containing child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and hosted in Ukraine was taken down more quickly. In August 2020, 8 in 10 reports of child sexual abuse material hosted in Ukraine were taken down within four days. The year before, this was less than 1 in 10.

Listen to our analyst, Kate, explaining more.